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01Technology Magazine logoYou can submit news  on upcoming trends in technology, and how they are shaping business, entertainment, communications, science, politics  & etc. Similarly you can submit your reviews on any product (Software, Hardware, Laptop, Mobile & etc). But you should follow the 01Technology Magazine submission guidelines.

Title for 01Technology Magazine: The article headline.

Tagline or Excerpt for 01Technology Magazine: A small description about the article. (A catchphrase or slogan)

Content for 01Technology Magazine: The complete article. (Please proofread your article for grammatical & spelling mistakes before submission.)

Featured Image: The photo you want to be the primary photo displayed with the article.

Secondary Images: Gallery or photos you want to be displayed within the article.

Video Link: The video share link (NOT the embed code), to a video you want to to associate with the article.

Credited Author: Complete name of the person who wrote the article.

City and State: The section where the article is most relevant.(for example, News, software, hardware, security, review & etc)

Expiration Date: To be used only for Events and Classifies. Please, determine a stop date for the post.

Please, review your entire article. Once happy with it, submit your article at support@01tech.net. Your article will be reviewed by one of our editors and published shortly to the proper region.

Note: 01Technology Magazine only accept unique contents. Please do not copy any news or article from any other website.