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The Old Software of Microsoft Is risky. Is There a Duty to secure It?

Microsoft Old Software Is risky Is There a Duty to secure It

Ransomware has started to spread over the world and now the questions about this shortcoming are beginning to rise. Who should be blamed for this. And is there anyone who can stop these attackers who have attacked so many users including hospitals and police departments. Microsoft had to answer all these questions because the flaw […]

Facebook is charged £94m by European Commission for ‘misleading’ Whatsapp merger

Facebook is fined £94m by European Commission for misleading Whatsapp merger

European Commission charged £94 million to Facebook for giving the European Union a wrong idea about the company’s merger with WhatsApp (an instant messaging application). Also the Commission stated that it would not be withdrawing from its decision in order to allow the $19 billion merger. The misleading information was that Facebook had said it […]