Old cell phones by Nokia find the new life as sex toys

Masturbation is stimulating one’s own genitals for sexual arousal.  A research conducted in India on this topic showed that women have found a new way of using the old Nokia phones as sex toys. Instead of buying a new and expensive vibrator they have started using these old phones that are available in almost every household. Nokia 3310 also referred as “Dumb phone” has strong vibration function and this feature is making them useful again but for very different reasons.  Nokia 3310 is now used as a sex toy.

Old cell phones by Nokia find the new life as sex toys

Agents of Ishq is a multi-media project about sex, love and desire is an initiative by Parodevi Pictures, an independent media and arts company based in Mumbai. The company conducted a survey and about a hundred women responded to this survey, however the results were surprising as the answer to how they achieve maximum sexual satisfaction was quiet unpredictable.

Agents of Ishq mentioned in a recent post about this survey that “The old Nokia vibrating phone made several appearances on this survey”. It was originally brought to the attention by Vocativ, a media and technology company, saying “We have no idea why that company is not the market leader after this.”

A poll done only by a small number of women does not say that Nokia phones are actually going to hit the market as regular sex toys, however, the news about women using it as one has created quite a stir among people.

Nokia did not give a quick response when asked to comment about this unexpected use of their phones.

The idea of using a phone as a vibrator for arousing gratification of the senses and physical might be strange for some people but sex toys such as vibrators are not so easily available in many countries as they are in others , making women use such alternatives that are at home and can be used for the purpose.

A homemade sex toys website says that there are many ways cell phones can be used as a vibrator which means Nokia phones are not the only products offering sexual gratification.

According to the website the best option when using a phone as a vibrator is that you set the alarm to go off after every minute for as long as you think you will need to get the job done. It also suggests that you should keep your old cell phone when you buy a new one, so that you may use the old one as vibrator.

“Having a sex-only cell phone vibrator also means you can keep your everyday cell phone pristine,” Homemade Sex Toys website suggests. “You won’t have to worry that it smells funky, or feel weird if you let a friend talk on it.”

For those who care about the environment should know that using you old cell phone as a vibrator instead of throwing it away will help save the environment as they do not dispose of properly, they can release toxins into the environment .

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