HTC U11 release date and everything you need to know

A brand new flagship phone HTC U11 with squeezable sides

The high power leading phone by HTC this year is HTC U11. This new design introduced HTC Ultra and U Play, earlier this year. Previously HTC 10 was a powerful device in market containing a modeled metal framework, QHD screen and astonishing audio performance.  This year HTC has added ‘U’ as in the phone being about ‘you’ and a fascinating novelty of squeezable side of phone. It is going to bring Alexa to its range of smartphones.  It also has the best most expensive audio accessories in the box. The question is how much are you willing to pay to get this bundle of luxuries in your smartphone?


To make things easier here are a few important things you should know about it. It is HTC’s next leading phone after HTC 10. Its sale started early May. It will cost £649 in the UK, $649 in the US, and AU$999 in Australia, challenging other leading phones. Its release date was May 18th in Asia and June in in UK. And will launch later this year in other countries.

HTC U11 release date:

You might get the Phone now but you won’t have some features until July 2017. So o enjoy U111 fully you will have to wait for it.

HTC U11 Price:

HTC has only given us UK pricing for the new U11, although the good news is that it’s maintained the same cost as the HTC 10 from last year, coming in at £649 / $649 RRP / AU$999.

It is expected to be less costly than the Samsung Galaxy S8 after a month or two of being on sale through agreements. While the price has remained the same for HTC’s flagships, the U11 is still rather expensive, because of the expensive specifications they have put inside. The price of HTC 10 has not dropped much over the year, so fans are hoping that some big contract will make the prices cheaper.

Liquid Surface Design

The HTC U11 has a new ‘Liquid Surface’ design that changes the look and feel of the phone. The Gorilla Glass 5 front and back make a strong rolling structure in the hand. The edges are bordered with metal. It has a wavy power key. And this time HTC has the headphone jack for its flagship phone. It is not actually strange to have a headphone port but HTC didn’t have it for its last three famous devices. This might bother some users.

The headphone adaptor in the box has digital audio converter (DAC), which not only connects but greatly improves the sound. It is also water and dust resistant as per IP67 rating. This makes it pretty strong in many conditions, if not as much as other handsets rated IP68 it still is good enough to ignore the difference.


HTC U11 colors

It is launched in five colors

  • Solar Red,
  • Amazing Silver,
  • Brilliant Black,
  • Ice White
  • Sapphire Blue

HTC U11 Colors

Every color has a two tone effect that reflects depending on your angle. The Solar Red is outstanding in a way it changes when you tilt it.

Edge Sense

This is a big feature that the brand hopes will attract many people. Left and right sides of the set are pressure sensitive.  It has four scales on each side that allow you to squeeze and record an input.

It is like an extra button on either side of the phone that’s easily available when you’re holding the U11, and you’ve got the picture. Its not as hard as you might think as long and short presses will do the work. At the launch this feature will help perform tasks like opening some apps, capturing pictures, activating Google Assistant or torch or a voice recorder. However HTC will soon have an app that will let you do anything you will wish theses gauges to do for you. But you will have to wait till July to use the beta version of this function.

Alexa and Sense Companion

HTC U11 offers a lot of assistance. Initially you will have Google Assistant that will help to access a lot of functions by using your voice to activate applications. It also has Amazon’s Alexa that do the same things but will only be available in UK, US and Germany at first. It also has HTC Companion which is also a voice feature, this means that the set has three different programs for almost the same feature.

Alexa is still not enabled on the set so right now it is not certain why Google and Alexa are both featured in the set. According to HTC this is because Amazon is a better option for buying things. But there is also a possibility that this is because Alexa is gaining popularity.

HTC U11 Size

Similar display:

The HTC U11 contains a 5.5-inch QHD display, rather than the new 18:9 ratio supported by LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy. IPhone 8 might have the same longer ratio when it releases later this year.

Instead it has a regular 16:9 widescreen display. This might give it a squatter look than the other phones present right now. But it will display applications without altering or stretching them, as this is the traditional aspect ratio used since many years. HTC U11 has Super LCD 5 screen, the color and contrast ratios might not be as impressive as that of Samsung Galaxy handsets. But it still has an intense and rich display to be an expensive famous phone.

HTC U11 specs:

When it comes to specs HTC U11 has the best of everything. To begin with it has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip set running the phone. Which will be available worldwide.

However, some areas will be receiving 4GB RAM and 64GB storage in their devices, and some will be able to buy 6GB RAM and 128GB of space. Manufacturers these days practice this to cater to Asian markets looking for more space. At the same time they make it affordable enough for places with different demands. HTC has used Android 7.1 Nougat for U11. Google Assistant is already installed in it. Also it has a microSD card slot that can be used as second Sim port when required.

Best camera in the market?

HTC U11 has no dual camera on the back. It has 12MP sensor at the back and 16MP option for the front. It is a bit hard to understand what HTC has done with its camera this year. But it still got the award of best DxOMark score, ever achieved by a smartphone (90).  But these numbers do not always guarantee great real world usage.  It as HDR Boost that is somehow like HDR+ mode Google Pixel phone had last year. Which was also created by HTC. The back camera has an f/1.7 aperture to get good low light images. It also enables you to shoot in RAW so that you can get a professional snap that you can later edit or play with. The autofocus speed is down by 0.3 seconds like in those best smartphones cameras.

HTC U11 Camera

You can also click a panorama selfie with front camera with its 150 degree lens.

Long enough battery life?

The HTC U11 runs 3000mAH power pack things running under the surface. Which is exactly like Samsung Galaxy S8 but lower than LG G6. With Snapdragon 835 chip set battery should last the whole day. But as battery has never been a strong point for HTC so one should not put up all the hope.

In terms of power management HTC Boost+ does a good job at keeping things under control. With Android Nougat OS it might actually have a better battery life.

Awesome audio

HTC U Sonic headphones are the star of this product. Though it is not clear how it might work but previously it has done great. They have upgraded the headphones to active noise cancelling which makes it a best package with a handset than any other in the market right now. Some users are upset about the unavailability of headphone jack on U11. But there is a DAC in the box that will give easy connection and improved sound.

HTC’s new DAC adapter, compared to Apple’s:

HTC U 11 has certified hi-resolution Audio. So the sound coming will be great also the Boom-sound on board will make sound fire out of the earpiece. Also there is single speaker at the bottom of phone if you don’t want to plug you headphones in.  In the end if you need a handset that without a doubt offers the strongest audio program than HTC U11 seems the right choice.

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