According to Australian Government: Small Business are Most Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

Eight businesses stated that they were the probable victims of the cyber attack, meanwhile most of the important government services and infrastructure remained unharmed.

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Alastair MacGibbon, advisor to Prime Minister for Cyber Security, and the Australian cyber security center started investigating to find out the factors that protected Australia from a massive attack that compromised 200,000 organizations in 150 countries all over the world. These cyber-attacks locked the computers of the user and held the user files for ransom, hence the name ransomware. The investigating officials will determine whether the attack was directed only towards the European region and will look behind the timing of the attack and precautions that need to be taken to face any such issue in future.

According to Mr. Tehan, the cyber criminals are trying to take forceful control of hundreds of computers on regular basis, but the intensity of these attacks are widely under-reported.

Small business organizations are more at risk at the hands of these attacks in terms of their reputation as well as the question of whether or not to pay the ransom that is asked in all such attacks.


Although Mr. Tehan recommended not to pay in any means possible to all such cyber criminals, but also stated that this solely the prerogative of the business owners.

James Pearson, Chief Executive of Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that unlike big corporations, the small business owners do not fully comprehend the dangers, threats and consequences of all such cyber-attacks. He hoped that the public is made aware of the recent ransomware attack so that the business owners realize the dangers that it poses to their business.

On the other hand, cyber security experts pointed out the fact that the dangers of WannaCry ransomware attacks have not subsided as yet. Business organization were warned that they, might still be infected with the malware or may fall victim to similar attacks in near future.

Little excuse

According to Senior Director of Secunia Research at technology firm Flexera Software Kasper Lindgaard, the responsibility of attacks lies on the business organizations that fell victim to such attacks. He said that the likelihood of such attacks was reported in April and businesses were informed to take measures well before time.

A recent research published by Flexera indicated that 9.9% of PC users in Australia did not install security patches to their windows operating system in first quarter of 2017. This ratio was 7.5 during the previous quarter and 5.9 last year during the same time period.

Geek Ltd. Is and Australian tech company, having specialization in recovering data that is criminally encrypted. Jon Paior, founder of Geek Ltd., stated that the damage as the result of WannaCry attack is not over yet. He said that this event should be a wakeup call for all such business owners who do not lay importance on cyber security measures.

In his opinion, an updated version of this malware in just around the corner, and protection against that would not be as simpler.

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