Apple seen upgrading laptops amid Microsoft Surface threat

At a yearly conference for Apple App developers, apple announced that it will be introducing an update to its laptop product line. Analysts believe that this would tip the balance in the favor of apple and gain them competitive edge over Microsoft and would help in overcoming the losses incurred by deteriorating sales of its iPads.

Apple seen upgrading laptops amid Microsoft Surface threat

It is believed that Apple is developing three new laptops. Kaby Lake, a robust processor developed by Intel is to be used in the MacBook Pro. Moreover, Apple is also working on developing a new version of MacBook, having a 12-inch screen and a faster Intel processor.  They are also considering to update their 13 inch MacBook Air by giving it a new processor. This comes from the fact that while it is an older version of the MacBook, yet sales of MacBook Air are still remarkable. This perhaps comes from the fact that MacBook Air is the cheapest laptop developed by Apple. However, the officials at Apple as well as Intel did not comment in this regard.


The Mac lineup produces only 11% the Cupertino, California-based organization’s $US216 billion in yearly sales, with the iPhone representing just about 66% of the aggregate. Be that as it may, Macs are critical to retain the most loyal of the customers as well as those who are in creative industries.

During current month, Microsoft launched its latest Surface Laptop, which boots up in a few seconds, and also comes with and is running Windows Bloomberg, a much stable version of the Microsoft Windows. This is considered to be Microsoft’s first genuine laptop PC as a suitable competitor to the MacBook Air. By reviving its PCs, Apple could undermine the competition. In the second quarter of the year, Apple sold 4.2 million desktops and laptops and produced 14% more income on Macs than in the same quarter during previous year.

The updated MacBook Pro is believed to be much the same as the most recent model and for the most part vary in its hardware architecture. According to Bloomberg News, Apple is working to develop a modern new in-house chip for its future MacBook Pro. This chip would be able to manage the low-power mode of the laptops.

The proposed updates will not prove to be much different for Apple’s laptop lineup, however they will show the organization’s commitment to a product that has been condemned by the loyal users of Mac. The latest MacBook Pro was launched 500 days after its forerunner, had a Touch Bar for fast access to application, bigger trackpad and a biometric fingerprint sensor.

The last update for 12-inch MacBook was in spring of 2016, when it was introduced with a rose gold color option. On the other hand, MacBook Air has not gotten any update since 2015. Apple desktop PCs are also facing the same decline in updates. Though, Apple has committed to release major updates for the Mac Pro and iMac desktop series, with much improved specifications for expert users.

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